Alongside my work as a media practitioner, I am an experienced trainer and consultant teaching a wide range of technical, journalistic and creative skills to clients including the BBC Academy, BBC Media Action, IMG, Baeur Media, Global, the International Maritime Organization and Clarkson’s.

I work with both organisations and individuals offering one-off training, long term support, one-to-one mentoring and coaching in the UK and abroad, both in person and online.

I have also worked with a number of non-profit organisations as an advisor on their creative and campaign strategies and have undertaken troubleshooting projects for international broadcaster as well as consulting on specific productions and projects including working in sensitive environments.

I always welcome an email or call to discuss specific needs.

broadcast location camerawork
lighting for interviews and impact
mobile journalism (MoJo)
basic and advanced camera operation
beginner and advanced FCPX picture editing
bespoke camera systems

writing for television news
video storytelling
adapting broadcast to digital
on-screen presentation
how to survive as a self-shooter
interpreting and responding to creative briefs
public information and engagement
beyond news; finding a voice in authored documentary

equipment purchase and configuration
media and creative strategy
career development
sensitive, remote and hostile projects
staff and self well-being and mental health