A Shaun-sized Land Rover

My (not so) little brother spends a lot of his professional life dangling from ropes and crawling around dusty theatre spaces for the brilliant people at the rigging experts, Unusual.

Now, I’m very proud of a lot of his work, especially the weirder stuff such as Fiona Banner’s Harrier and Jaguar at Tate Britain, but a recent link he sent me impressed me greatly.

Knowing how I have a bit of a fetish for Land Rovers, I absolutely loved this work by The Scenery Shop.  Just click on the image…

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Canon XF305 vs. the Alps

A month or two back I was filming a training expedition for two fellas who are undertaking an unsupported trip to the North Pole in 2011.  Since one of the main reasons for their trip was to trial and familiarise themselves with some of their kit, I thought I was also the perfect opportunity to put the Canon XF305 to the test.

Now, before I go on to tell you how Canon’s new baby coped, I have to say there are far better written and more technically in-depth posts out there for which I’d advise you have a bit of a search.  You can do a lot worse than starting with the likes of Mark Moreve and his short test filmRobin Schmidt’s detailed Sony/Canon comparison as well as The Luminous Landscape’s full review.  My post is less of the technical and more of the subjective in relation to the use of the Canon in some of the more demanding environments I visit.  Although this post isn’t about how to shoot in damn cold conditions (that may come …

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Expedition Media

I am delighted to report I have been accepted as a member of Expedition Media.

Run by Richard Farish and Paul Mungeam, Expedition Media specialises in providing crews, production and specialist services for adventurous and remote projects.

Since launching in 2007 they are one of the world’s top directories, and it’s a real pleasure to be listed on their pages alongside some of the most intrepid and talented production teams and presenters available.

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