Shrinking City

For a couple of days last week, I was asked to shoot a feature for the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme with the lovely Giles Dilnot and Joanne Hilditch at the helm.

Being able to spend a bit of time on a feature was a welcome change from some of the faster turnaround stuff I’ve been working on of late. However, what was most enjoyable was having a production team who were willing to take a bit of a punt when it comes to an aesthetic approach.

The increasingly squeezed budgets and time constraints on programme-makers are well documented, discussed and maligned. Often this runs alongside the growing pressure on the same teams to create a finished product with a strong ‘look’ or (frequently needlessly in my opinion) visual and narrative devices linking the whole thing together.

So for this piece on the upcoming roll out of ‘universal credit‘ to the UK population, Joanne had decided that she wanted some linking sequences of crowds and activity in central London utilising the ‘miniaturised world’ effect made …

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