The World Cup means a new focus on Africa…and the big issues

So, the World Cup has kicked off, we’re in to the second round of matches and frankly the spectacle is keeping me sane as I tackle the mounds of paperwork that have been neglected in the last few months.  In truth, I’m much more a fan of the oval ball game but I’ll take wall-to-wall coverage of South Africa’s tournament over Cash in the Attic any day.

As my pre-paperwork procrastination continues, I came across Rudd Elmendorp’s latest dispatch from Tanzania about mothers in Tanzania opening their own bamboo workshop.

Now, in the hoo-ha surrounding the football, broadcasters (and in particular the BBC) are airing programmes extolling a refreshed (read: more positive) view of Africa, with Dimbleby The Younger’s An African Journey an excellent example.  As someone with a deep love of the diverse continent (only a comparative fraction of which I have experienced), it’s great to see a thawing in the hidden but still evident post-colonial ‘Africa-as-a-single-country’ (sic) permafrost I feel can underpin a lot of stories about Africa.

Amidst the optimism however, we shouldn’t …

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Due North

Just a brief posting to plug the excellent and intrepid photographer, Chris North with whom I had the pleasure of working with on Ascension Island just over a year ago.  My personal favourites are his reportage pieces (some of which are online) especially his work in Iraq which manage the holy grail of poignancy, content and beauty.

Sadly, his fantastic shots of nesting Green Turtles at dawn aren’t online, but do check out his website.  And apologies for the bad pun in the title…

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